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Season 9 Unique Dynamic Experience
[ Notice ] Maintenance
Jul 19, 2016
On this maintenance we have:

- Fixed random Disconnections with certain Agility value.
- Fixed the Defense of 5th level Wings.
- Enabled OffLevel on certain maps only (48 Coins per hour).
- Changed drop of Kundun, now it drops either Ancient items or Jewel of Creation.
- Fixed invalid Pentagram Damage/Defense in certain scenarios.
- Fixed Combo skill not working properly during Siege event.
- Fixed Kundun monsters respawning with negative HP in certain cases.
- Fixed Guild War / Battle Soccer invalid score message.
- Fixed Socket Count option not working properly in some boxes.
- Fixed Dark Spirit Double Damage not working properly in certain cases.
- Fixed hero status appearing in specified scenario.
- Fixed stun effect being applied imperoperly after usage of Death Stab Mastery.
- Blocked ability to insert any jewels into any sort of Expirable Items to avoid bug.
- Fixed damage becoming abnormal in certain scenarios after using sort of add attribute items.
- Fixed /post zen cost not working properly.
- Fixed bleeding in town after being hit by certain level of Death Stab skill.
- Fixed death stab skill allow to hit in non-pvp maps.
- Fixed Last Man Standing Event may last forever in certain scenario.
- Fixed Blood Castle Monsters spawn issue.
- Fixed possible issues with Kanturu and Raklion event monsters.
- Fixed distance for Ice Storm Strenghtener and Mastery.
- Fixed /addstat command issue when Bless Buff is applied.
- Fixed critical issue that could lead to vault dupe.

Best Regards,
PrimeMu Staff.
[ Notice ] Maintenance
May 28, 2016
[ Notice ] Maintenance
May 20, 2016
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